“Kindred Creatures” is a feature length documentary exploring the personalities and ways of life of animals used in animal agriculture. The documentary explores these animals’ personalities, the bonds they share with humans, and impactful stories of their rescue. Kindred Creatures also highlights farm animal sanctuaries and the wonderful work they do to help victims of animal agriculture and neglect.

The film has shot with Spring Farm Sanctuary, Farmaste Sanctuary, Rooster Redemption & Chicken Run Rescue  in Minnesota,  & Soulspace Sanctuary in Wisconsin.

Mercy For Animals, Direct Action Everywhere, Christine Coughlin of the Humane Society, Cam F. Awesome, J. Selby’s, & vegan chef AmyLeo Barankovich also showcase their voices in the film.

Kindred Creatures is finishing up some shooting and editing over the summer of 2019 and will start doing screenings later this year.



(Screenings will be announced later this year. Keep posted for updates!)

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