“Kindred Creatures” will be a feature length documentary exploring the personalities & ways of life of the animals used in animal agriculture. The documentary will explore their personalities, the bonds they share with humans, similarities between them and other animals, and where the animals came from. Kindred Creatures  will also focus on a few activists who fight for them. The animals will be filmed around the country in habitats that allow for their natural traits to come alive and flourish.

So far, the film has shot with Spring Farm Sanctuary, Farmaste Sanctuary, Rooster Redemption & Chicken Run Rescue  in Minnesota,  Soulspace Sanctuary in Wisconsin, as well as with vegan Chef AmyLeo Barankovich. Additional shooting with the sanctuaries will  be scheduled.

Direct Action Everywhere, Mercy for Animals, & Herbivorous Acres Sanctuary are all secured to be in the film but they have not been shot with as of yet. Shoots will be scheduled once fundraising is complete.

The end result of the film is to leave the viewers with a positive and hopeful outlook. Ultimately, the goal is to have the  audience meet who it is that goes into the making of their food.

A timeline for completion of the film will  be the end of 2018. It will then be submitted to festivals and have  a public release sometime in 2019.


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